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Nimbus 405 Coupe
Nimbus 365 & 335 Coupé
Nimbus 365 Coupé
Nimbus 335 Coupé
Nimbus 34 Nova HT
Nimbus 31 Nova S HT
Nimbus 27 Nova S
Nimbus 21 Nova
Nimbus 405 Flybridge
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Nimbus Boats

The distinguishing features of this well-known Swedish brand are the combination of fine handling and performance, top quality and a luxury finish. A Nimbus motor yacht is definitely not an everyday yacht. Nearly all Nimbus motor yachts are CE-B category built boats. Each and every one of them is therefore ideally suited to either sailing on inland waterways or at sea.

Nimbus Nova

A Nimbus Nova offers quick and efficient transport purposes, that is easy to get in and out of and has reassuring seaworthiness properties as well as provides generous space for socialising with family and friends. And as it is only natural that you wish to live aboard in comfort. The larger the Nimbus Nova model you choose, the larger the possibilities of comfortable living. The Nimbus Nova modelrange consists of the Nimbus 21 Nova (outboard), Nimbus 27 Nova S, Nimbus 31 Nova S and Nimbus 34 Nova.

The Nimbus 27 Nova S, 31 Nova S and 34 Nova are also available with hardtop (option).

Nimbus Coupe

Comfort and seaworthiness at both low and high speeds. Comfort with generous and well-planned surfaces both outside and inside, which can be used for most of the year, irrespective of the weather. The latest additions to the Coupe program are the Nimbus 305 Coupe (NEW 2015), Nimbus 335 Coupe, Nimbus 365 Coupe and Nimbus 405 Coupe (NEW 2014) with sliding door at the steering position leading to the a-symmetrical sidedeck.

The complete 2015 Nimbus model range comprises boats starting at 21 up to 41 ft.

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