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Nimbus Boats

The distinguishing features of this well-known Swedish brand are the combination of fine handling and performance, top quality and a luxury finish. A Nimbus motor yacht is definitely not an everyday yacht. Nearly all Nimbus motor yachts are CE-B category built boats. Each and every one of them is therefore ideally suited to either sailing on inland waterways or at sea.

Nimbus Coupe

Comfort and seaworthiness at both low and high speeds. Spacious and practical deck and interior layouts including a sliding door at the steering position leading to the a-symmetrical sidedeck. The current Coupe modelrange includes the Nimbus 405 Coupe, Nimbus 405 Flybridge, the Nimbus 365 Coupe and the Nimbus 305 Coupe

Day Cruiser

The Nimbus 305 Drophead, A new kind of day cruiser suitable for comfortable weekend and day trips. The boat is built on the new Smart Speed concept, to create maximum comfort for all aboard at all speeds. Design and function are optimised for social activities and entertaining aboard. The Nimbus 305 Drophead is an open day cruiser and built on the same platform as the award winning Nimbus 305 Coupé. This means stylistically pure Scandinavian design focused on simplicity of usage and clever, functional solutions.