Privacy statement

This is the privacy statement of De Vaart Yachting, having its registered office at Bolderweg 51, 8243RD Lelystad (hereinafter referred to as De Vaart Yachting), www.devaartyachting.com


The privacy statement applies to all privacy-sensitive information or personal information that you provide to us, such as on a contact form, when you register for our newsletter, when you show interest in a product or service, or when you request a quote or purchase a product or service during an event. We attach great importance to our customers’ privacy and treat and protect this personal information with the utmost care. We process data in accordance with the conditions stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).


De Vaart Yachting is responsible within the meaning of the AVG forprocessing your personal information. This means that only we determine which personal data will be processed, for what purpose and in what manner. We are responsible for your personal information being adequately and carefully processed in accordance with the AVG. In this privacy statement we will explain what data we process and the purposes for which this information is used.

Overview personal information

Depending on the circumstances, we can collect personal information for the following categories:

General information:

·           Name

·           Firstname

·           Sex

·           Language

·           Address

·           Telephone number (landline and/or cell)

·           E-mailaddress



Information about our products or services:

•         Products and/or services you have shown interest in or have requested a quote for

•         Products and/or services you have purchased and information about ordering these products and/or services


Information to ensure that our website operates effectively:

·           IP address, type, version and language of your browser

Purposes of and legal principles for processing personal information

By agreeing to this privacy statement you give your explicit permission within the meaning of Article 6 clause 1 sub 2 of the AVG for the processing of your personal information for the purposes listed below. You can withdraw this permission at any time. If you do not provide us with certain information or do not allow us to process this information, we may not be able to be of service to you.


If you have not given us explicit permission to process your personal information or if you have withdrawn this permission, the principles of Article 6 clause 1 sub b, sub c and/or sub f of the AVG may apply. In these cases, your personal information maybe processed without your permission if this is necessary to perform a contract to which you are or will be a party or to represent the legal interests of De Vaart Yachting. Moreover, we may be legally obliged to process your personalinformation.  


We process your personalinformation for the following purposes:

·           To send you our newsletter

·           To inform you about our participation in international and national trade fairs,in-house shows, public sailing days, etc.

·           To follow up on your visit to our stands at trade fairs and our in-house shows

·           To be able to send you (personalised) offers and information by phone or by e-mail

·           To process and follow your orders/instructions

·           To deliver goods and services to you

·           To be able to phone or e-mail you if this is necessary for the provision of ourservices

·           For the maintenance, repair or restoration of your boat

·           For bookkeeping purposes


Your personal information will be saved for the period needed for the intended purpose. Information will be saved for a longer period only if this is necessary in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations or other legal standards of the European Union or a Member State of the European Union.