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Nimbus Weekender 9, Tender 9 en Commuter 9



The Nimbus WTC series consists of three different models, tailored to specific purposes.

The Weekender (W9, W11) is intended for day trips and social activities, the Tender (T8, T9, T11) for all types of daily activities, transport, water sports and recreation, and the Commuter (C8, C9, C11) for transport all year round by. The Nimbus Weekender 9 (W9) is a fast day cruiser / weekender suitable for social activities and offers sleeping accommodation for four people. The W9 is available with a convertible top or T-Top and can be equipped with an inboard or outboard engine.

The Nimbus T9 is the first model in the new Nimbus Tender series. The Tender 9 is a nine meter day tender that can be perfectly adapted to personal wishes. It is intended for all kinds of daily activities, such as transport, water sports and recreation. Just like with the W9, the T9 offers a choice of an outboard or inboard engine. The aft deck can be equipped with a straight bench. Another option is a U-shaped five-person couch that can easily be converted into a sun bed. Behind the wheel chair there is room for a wet bar. The yacht is available with three different options for the hood: harbor cover, cockpit cover or T-Top with large sliding roof.

The C9 is the third in the new Nimbus 9-meter series, a successor to the recent W9 and T9 models. The Nimbus C9 is a fast commuter, specially designed for journeys throughout the world, for active day visitors or travelers who want to sleep comfortably on longer journeys. The C9 is characterized by spaciousness, surface area and functionality - the priority is to offer as much loading capacity and freedom of movement as possible. The result is easily accessible storage space, wide aisles and extra large sliding doors with passages that are wide enough for 2 people.

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